St. John's Soccer Academy strives to develop players based on the CSA Long Term Player Development Model. To accomplish this we have structured our coaching team under the direction of the club Technical Director, Scott Betts. Scott, along with age group head coaches and other club coaches work together to produce a strong learning program for all of our club academy players.

Our Age Group Head Coaches are accountable for developing, implementing and supervising player and coach development programs for specific age groups. Age Group Head Coaches provide leadership, guidance and mentorship to team coaches in their respective programs in addition to fostering good sportsmanship in a fun and safe environment.

Coaching Development

SJSC Academy runs regular programs to help in the development of our coaches. Our program has two components: seminar and clinic

SEMINAR: This is a monthly meeting led by one of the Age Group Head Coaches in consultation with our Technical Director. Each seminar covers different areas relating to Player and Team Development. These 60-90 minute classroom/training ground sessions cover both training and game advancements. The use of lecture, videos and white boards, create an environment conducive for enjoyment and learning.

CLINIC: The Technical Director, along with Age Group Head Coaches, perform various on-field sessions during the regular season to reinforce the topics covered in previous Seminars. The environment allows the lead coach to explain the reasoning behind the SJSC training methods as the coaches interact with the lead coach. Questions and consistent explanations allow for the entire group to follow individually while the training session takes place.

LTPD Resources and Coaching Toolkits

NEW Canada Soccer Pathway: Coach's Tool Kit Stage One - Active Start

NEW Canada Soccer Pathway: Coach's Tool Kit Stage Two - FUNdamentals

NEW Canada Soccer Pathway: Coach's Tool Kit Stage Three - Learn to Train

Learn more Long-Term Player Development: A community Guide

Learn more about the seven stages of Wellness to World Cup in the brochure

For in-depth presentation of the model, browse through the Wellness to World Cup - Volume 2 manual (pdf).

For more details on the national model of Long-Term Athlete (player) Development, visit the Canadian Sport for Life website.

All SJ Soccer Academy coaches have access to Please contact the Technical Director for your login account details.

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